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Anonymous: I know your struggling with cutting or self harm or what ever or atleast you were but why because your scars will be there for a long time. I personally would never date a girl with scars because I wouldn't want my family to see them. Or my future children. It's disgusting and your just a attention seeking piece of shit because people have it way worse than being bullied, so if that's why you cut your dumb. And selfish. People like you shouldn't exist, because your just a waste of space no h8.



Okay sorry

This anon really pisses me off.

You have it wrong, dude.
Scars are NOT something to be ashamed of. Its a sign of a battle within yourself that you fought hard to win.

Scars do not make you attention-seeking or weak.

In my opinion, scars make you stronger.

Some of the strongest people I know have scars.

I have never been so upset this is bullshit. I’m not ashamed. I fought with myself and I survived.